Beile Stern Rosenmeyer, 3 November 1801 – 7 April 1879

Beile Stern is the oldest child of Geidel Rothschild and Kain Heinemann-Stern, and the granddaughter of Salomon Abraham Rothschild.

Unlike everyone else so far, none of Beile’s information comes from the Synagogue Vöhl website.

Beile was born 3 November 1801 in Niedenstein, and was the oldest of 7 children. Sometime before 1838, Beile married Jacob Rosenmeyer. They were the parents of one child, Friedericke Rosenmeyer, born 12 November 1838. I’ve seen Friedercke’s name also written as Fratchen Rosenmeier.

Beile passed away 7 April 1879 in Wolfhagen. At the time of her death, she was living with the family of her sister Sulke and Sulke’s husband Moses Jakob Rosenmeyer. I’m not sure yet what the relationship is between Jacob Rosenmeyer and Moses Jakob Rosenmeyer, though I suspect they were brothers, both named for a grandfather, perhaps. The fact that Beile was living with them implies her husband had died prior to that point.

Ironically, Sulke and Moses also only had one daughter, and named her Friedericke. But that’s a blog post for another day.

Our next blog post will be about Beile’s brother, Abraham Stern. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and happy holidays!

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One thought on “Beile Stern Rosenmeyer, 3 November 1801 – 7 April 1879

  1. I would think it’s more likely the two men were cousins, both named for the same ancestor. Or that Moses was Jacob’s son and he was really Moses ben Jacob. But I assume that they must have been too close in age for that. If they were cousins, it also makes sense that they both named their daughter the same name—perhaps the name of their grandmother.


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