Salomon Abraham Rothschild, 1747 – 1816

The first recorded Jews in Vöhl were Ascher Rothschild and Seligman Rothschild, listed as homeowners in 1705. To be registered home and land owners, these men needed to have been born by about 1680 at the latest. As yet, I haven’t found the connection to these early Rothschilds, though I’m sure there is one. I suspect one of them is the grandfather of Salomon Abraham Rothschild. I wish there were more records from the late 1600s and early – mid 1700s, but most of the records were burned near the end of WWII.

Salomon Abraham Rothschild was born about 1747 in Vöhl. This birth year is an estimate and is based on the genealogical guideline of about 30 years between generations. The civic records of the area indicate there was, in 1747, a registered landowner of the same name in nearby Basdorf. For this to be the same person, he would need to have been born around 1725 or earlier, putting him at about 50 or older when his first recorded child was born. While not impossible, this seems unlikely. This family seems to have a passion for re-using names, so it’s possible the Salomon Rothschild in Basdorf is a relative. I briefly wondered if it could be his father, but Jews weren’t normally named for someone who was still living.

His profession is listed as “Geldheber” which translates to “money collector”. He was most likely a money lender, which was a common profession for Jews at that time.

We know that Salomon was married, but no records concerning his wife have been found yet. The marriage record for his son, Ascher Rothschild, lists Ascher as the 4th son and 6th child, so we know there were at least 6 children.

Salomon’s known children were:

Selig Salomo (or Salomon) Rothschild. He was likely born around 1770. He married Ranchen Regine Rubino. Selig died sometime in or after 1840.

Märle Rothschild was born about 1775. She married David Isaac Stern. There is no known death date for Märle at this time.

Giedel Rothschild was born about 1778. She married Kain Heinemann Stern in Niedenstein. Giedel passed away in 1861.

Ascher Rothschild was born in 1789. He married (1) Sprinza Sternberg of Homberg/Ohm. She passed away in 1833. Prior to 1836, Ascher married (2) Blümchen Sternberg, Sprinza’s sister. Ascher passed away in January 1859.

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