Märle Rothschild Stern, about 1775 – ?

What we know about Märle Rothschild is limited to her father’s name, her husband’s name, her children, her presumed birth year, and that she lived in Vöhl. She was the oldest known daughter of Salomon Abraham Rothschild. She was presumably born in Vöhl around 1775. Unless otherwise noted, the information for Märle comes from www.synagoge-voehl.de.

The only documented information I’ve found about her is from 15 February 1893 on the death record of her son, Selig Stern. “Sohn der verstorbenen Kaufmann David Stern und seiner verstorbenen Ehefrau Märle geboren Rothschild zu Vöhl.” “Son of the deceased merchant David Stern and his deceased wife Märle born Rothschild of Vöhl.”

She married David Isaac Stern, the presumed son of Isaac Simon Stern. Since there are no records to go by, it’s estimated David and Märle were married in 1798, because in 1799 their son Simon Stern was born in Vöhl. They had a second son, Selig Stern, born in Vöhl 25 March 1801. Their 3rd son, Bär Stern, was born in Vöhl in 1805.

I haven’t been able to find out when she died, or if she died in Vöhl, though I suspect she did, since her children and grandchildren were born there.

Next up, we’ll learn about Märle’s sister, Giedel Rothschild Heinemann-Stern.

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7 thoughts on “Märle Rothschild Stern, about 1775 – ?

  1. I always feel frustrated when I only have a secondary source, but sometimes it’s all we can get. And the synagogue site seems very well researched. I have a few coming up where all I have is My Heritage or Geni, and that always makes me uncomfortable.


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