Abraham Stern, 23 Jan 1805 – ?

Here we have another short bio, this one about Abraham Stern. He was the third child and first son of Kain Heinemann Stern and Geidel Rothschild, and was the grandson of Salomon Abraham Rothschild.

Abraham was born 23 January 1805 in Niedenstein. On 4 April 1841, he married the 23 year old Beilchen Rosenbaum from Grebenstein. As of 1858, there were no known children associated with this couple.

In 1853/1854 Abraham Stern belonged to the 1st class of high taxable trade taxpayers in the group of traders, and was taxed 17 thalers in the 22nd class as a businessman and capitalist in 1858 and 1861. He runs a grocery store. His wife’s application to accept an Israelite foreign maid is rejected by the district administration in 1858.

This is all of the information I have concerning Abraham and Beilchen. I don’t know when they died, or where, though I suspect it was Niedenstein. All of the information comes from the book “Bevölkerungs- und Sozialgescheicte der jüdischen Gemeinde Niedenstein 1653 – 1866” by Karl E. Demandt.

Our next bio will be about Abraham’s sister Röschen. I promise it will have a bit more information than this one. In the meantime, stay happy, healthy, and safe!

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