Röschen Reisgen Stern Nagel, 1806 – 1877

Röschen Reisgen Stern was the 4th child and 3rd daughter of Kain Heinemann Stern and Giedel Rothschild, and the granddaughter of Salomon Abraham Rothschild. Röschen was born in Niedenstein 8 June 1806. On 14 May 1828, at the age of almost 22, she married Seligmann Nagel.

Seligmann was also from Niedenstein, was born 12 December 1790, the son of Moses Heinemann and Röschen Levi. Together, they were the parents of Sarchen (1829), Dünn/Dina (1831 – 1836), Calmen (1834), Salomon (1836), Selke (1838), Joseph (1841), Abraham (1843), Moses (1846), and Beilchen/Bertha (1849). The following information regarding Seligmann Nagel comes from the book “Bevölkerungs- und Sozialgeschichten der jüdischen Gemeinde Niedenstein 1653 – 1866” by Karl E. Demandt.

Seligmann Nagel is referred to as a dealer as early as 1812. The excerpt from the general protocol of the Fritzlar district office dated June 28, 1827, on the request of Selig Heinemann-Nagel of Niedensten for permission to marry. He can thus prove beforehand that the operation of the cattle and yarn trade has been assigned to him by his father for his own account. On July 16, 1827, Nagel applied for admission to the citizens of Niedenstein, which was granted to him in November against payment of 10 Rt , received. Thereupon Moses Heinemann-Nagel indicates that, in addition to the business, he has assigned his son 12 debt claims in the amount of 2009 Rt. Thereupon the marriage license for Seligmann is given on 6 Dec 1827 by the district office. The marriage announcement at the district office takes place on January 29, 1828 by the father Kain Heinemann-Stern from Niedenstein for his daughter Reischen with Selig Heinemann-Nagel there. He gives his daughter 1500 thalers as a dowry and the usual trousseau. In 1830 Selig Nagel is assessed at 12 Rt. 12 CGr. Corporate and 13 Rt 9 Alb. Municipal tax, and taxed at 14 thalers as a cattle dealer in 1837 in the 20th grade. In 1834 Selig Nagel was the tax assessor of the municipality and in 1843 was appointed second eldest of the municipality. He held this office until 1857 and was meanwhile a member of the district’s class tax audit committee in 1849. In 1853/54 he ranks in the group of traders as well as in the group of butchers in the 1st class of the highly taxed. In 1858 Selig Nagel was 60 years old, his wife Rose, née Stern, 56 years old. The children Selke, 20 years old, Joseph, 17 years old, Abraham, 15 years, Moses, 12 years, and Bertha, 9 years, are still alive. He is taxed in the 24th grade with 25 thalers. He runs cattle wholesale. His son Abraham works with him in trade. At the time of Seligmann’s death in 1859, his inventory showed an asset value of 14,926 Rt. Since Abraham initially does not continue to trade as a wholesaler but as a northern trade, he should learn a business according to the decree of the district office of March 15, 1859. On July 27th it is noted, however, that Selig Nagel drowned, and that her son Abraham continued the business from September 1st, 1859 as a wholesale cattle business. In 1861 Selig Nagel’s widow Röschen nee Stern was assessed as the highest taxed person in Niedenstein with 20 Rt. in the 23rd class of class tax, after she successfully defended herself against an assessment in the 24th class with 25 Rt.

Wow! That’s a lot of information. From it, I believe we can deduce that Selig and Röschen lived quite well. I think it’s interesting to note the wording about the family in 1858: it lists all the children, then says they “are still alive”. Given their ages, the older children could be married and out on their own. I know that their daughter Dünn/Dina passed away at age 4 1/2, but I haven’t been able to find her death record or cause of death. Very, very sad that Selig drowned.

Röschen passed away 19 November 1877 in Gudensberg, near, but not with, her son Salomon. Salomon was the informant on her death record. Her parents names are listed has Kaim Stern and Gidel Rothschild. Despite being written in a TERRIBLE script, it does clearly confirm that she was the widow of Selig Nagel.

Writing this post had me delving deep into the book by Karl Demandt, and helped me learn more about Selig, and that he and Röschen had 9 children, not just 4, which is how many were in my family tree this morning.

Next time we’ll learn about Röschen’s little sister, Geldchen Stern Kaiser. Hoping this finds all of you happy, healthy, and safe.

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  1. Thanks for this. It is all interesting and helps connect us with our roots and with some of our identity….

    On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 3:26 PM Rothschilds of Vöhl and Their Relatives wrote:

    > Elizabeth Foote posted: ” Röschen Reisgen Stern was the 4th child and 3rd > daughter of Kain Heinemann Stern and Giedel Rothschild, and the > granddaughter of Salomon Abraham Rothschild. Röschen was born in > Niedenstein 8 June 1806. On 14 May 1828, at the age of almost 22, she marr” >


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