Geldchen Kilchen Stern Kaiser, 1809 – ?

Geldchen Kilchen STERN Kaiser was the daughter of Giedel Rothschild and Kain Heinemann-Stern, and the granddaughter of Salomon Abraham Rothschild.

I would love to tell you that we have as much information for Geldchen as we did for her sister Roschen. But we don’t.

Geldchen was born 7 January 1809 in Niedenstein, Germany. She was the 4th daughter and 5th child born to Giedel and Kain Heinemann-Stern. She married C. Kaiser in Elben, but we don’t know when. According to the book by Karl E. Demandt “Bevölkerungs- und Sozialgezchichte der jüdischen Gemeinde Niedenstein 1653 – 1866”, C. Kaiser was from Elberberg, and that the couple married in Elben.

According to, Elben is 195km to the South West of Niedenstein, while the town of Elbenberg is a short 9.7km due East. I could not find a town with the name Elberberg. While I have the utmost respect for Herr Demandt and all the work that went into this incredible reference book, I’m not convinced his information is 100% accurate in this instance. I’m leaning toward C. Kaiser being from Elbenberg, and that the marriage also took place there.

And that, really, is all we know about Geldchen and her husband. I haven’t been able to find any marriage, birth, or death records for either of them. I would presume they passed in Elbenberg, but without records, can’t know for certain.

Next up, we’ll learn about her brother, Calman Heinemann Stern and his family. Going to get to work on it right away, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long. Until then, stay safe!

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2 thoughts on “Geldchen Kilchen Stern Kaiser, 1809 – ?

  1. You’ve had such an amazing resource for so many of your relatives in Vohl. But for most of us, it’s hard to find any good details other than BMD.


  2. I know that I’ve definitely been blessed in that regard! I think it’s a payoff for the 40 years or research beforehand when we had only a handful of names to add to what we started with.


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