Geldchen Kilchen Stern Kaiser, 1809 – ?

Geldchen Kilchen STERN Kaiser was the daughter of Giedel Rothschild and Kain Heinemann-Stern, and the granddaughter of Salomon Abraham Rothschild. I would love to tell you that we have as much information for Geldchen as we did for her sister Roschen. But we don’t. Geldchen was born 7 January 1809 in Niedenstein, Germany. She wasContinue reading “Geldchen Kilchen Stern Kaiser, 1809 – ?”

Bär Stern, 1805 – 1877

Bär Stern is the third and youngest son of David Isaac Stern and Märle Rothschild Stern, and the grandson of Salomon Abraham Rothschild. Unless otherwise noted, the information for Bär comes from the Synagogue Vöhl website. Bär was born sometime in 1805. The first mention of him as an adult is in 1826 on theContinue reading “Bär Stern, 1805 – 1877”

Simon and Selig Stern

I’m combining the entries for Simon and Selig Stern because there’s so little information on Simon, and the two spent their lives together. As always, unless otherwise noted, the information comes from the Synagogue Vöhl website. Both were the two oldest sons of Märle Rothschild and David Stern, and the grandsons of Salomon Abraham Rothschild.Continue reading “Simon and Selig Stern”

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